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Friday, August 21, 2009

Entry Thirty One: A Beautiful Death

"Lt Cmd Priboj is still considered a member of PIE until we have evidence of his death. CONCORD records still list him as a pod pilot. Anyone with information on his disappearance, possible whereabouts, or intel on who might have such information is to contact me." Vice Admiral Vlad Konstantinov

The young pilot sat on a long bench facing an enormous display wall that gave a remarkable view of Amarrian space from the port she had docked at the previous night. She stared out aimlessly at the stars, nebulas, clouds and planets scattered across the expansive black backdrop. Ships of all sizes were busily docking and undocking with a handful orbiting the station, no doubt waiting to catch some unsuspecting pilot.

A camera drone activated to capture a panorama view of the scenery then focused in on her. She sat indian style with a food tray balanced on her lap, a bottle of water beside her, the amber and white robe she sometimes wore over her flight suit on the opposite side, drapped across the bench.

Her long red hair was twisted up messily and her clothing was wrinkled, she hadn't bothered to change out what she wore to bed when going in search of food. Usually she would have stayed in her ship but this spaceport was new to her and she wanted to see what the local vendors were selling.

Her tray was full of exotic fruits, things she'd never tried before with some sort of twisted bread and herbs. At least she hoped it was herbs and not insects or anything really could never really know.

Yawning, she stretched her hands over her head, careful not to drop the food tray in the process.

"So I finally got some sleep. When I had first heard of Michael's death I was so numb I couldn't do anything; sleep, eat, or think. Things are better now because he came to me again, two days ago, at the cathedral so I know he is alive. I told him that everyone thought he was dead, that his brother had made an annoucement and that I couldn't help but to believe it to be true. He assured me that it was false and that he was alright. He suspects foul play of course but has no idea who is responsible for the deception. For now, I'm not supposed to reveal anymore information because it could bring him real harm."

She bit into a piece of fruit. "Vice Admiral Vlad Konstantinov sent me a message asking for a report of anything I knew. That was before I had seen Michael for the second time, so naturally I told everything that Michael had told me. How could I not? He's a god damned Vice Admiral, for jove's sake, not like I can just say no to him. Also I really needed to confirm it for myself, that I was not going out of my mind. I had checked the security cams at St Alms, so I know it was true. Anyhow, I filed my report and the next day Konstantinov released a statement to the Corporation stating that Michael was still considered alive and a member of the Praetoria."

"My conversation was cut short with Michael the last time I had seen him because Raphael had come into the cathedral to pray."

"I don't really understand why Michael trusts me as he does, I just hope that I can live up to his expectations, that I can be worthy enough for such faith."

She shook her head, already knowing she wasn't.

She yawned again, forcing herself to wake up and shake off the grogginess of sleep. "Patrols were extensive last night. I spent hours scanning, and then Raphael and I did a bit of patroling together."

She fell silent for a moment as she tasted different pieces of fruits, her expression thoughtful."I had a conversation with V. He has forgiven me, mostly. I don't think he will ever get over the fact that I am a Praetorian, that I actually want to be here, he considered it a betrayal but now that so much time has passed, I guess he realizes I'm never going back to him or the family, what little thats left of it."

"Anyhow, he asked how I was getting along and I told him about Davlos. He warned me, not that he knows the man himself but he knows people who do. He says I should really be careful because there are a lot of dangerous people out there with too much money that have it in for PIE."

"I hate that I have to second guess his motives, but V is right. Out of the blue Davlos pops up into my life, suddenly showering me with friendship and gifts. But to what avail? Surely it can't be just for conversation. And nothing what-so-ever inappropriate has happened, he has tried nothing, a perfect gentleman."

"It just makes no sense. And now he has joined with the Caldari militia so that means technically we can even fly together."

She took a drink of water as she watched a pirate lock and freeze a cruiser that was to slow to dock. A burst of colors flashed across the space between the two ships followed by a brilliant explosion of red and yellow flames.

She tensed, feeling for the cruiser pilot, yet at the same time marveling at the beauty of it all. It was an amazing display of color, resembling a firework show.

Such was the life of a capsuleer in New Eden, she mused. Even
in death, there was beauty.

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