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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Entry Forty Seven: "I'm Sorry"

Solar System: Choonka
Sovereignty: Amarr Empire
Constellation: Ryra
Region: Devoid
Location: Imperial Armaments Factory Space Station

A camera drone followed the young lieutenant through the living room of her new apartment on the Choonka space station.

Their apartment, actually.

Raphael hadn't hesitated to purchase it for her even after the realtor had named a ridiculous price. In the last few days in between patrols they had started moving their things over, turning the empty space into a home.

Their home.

It was at least four time the size of her place inTuomuta, though she never really cared about that apartment. It was just a place to sleep in between patrols, a place to store some of her ships and other odds and ends. She'd moved there on the suggestion of Garst months ago after finding out that a lot of 24th pilots lived there. It was functionable, but she never felt like it was home.

Choonka would be different. It was more than an apartment, it would be where they would start their lives together as man and wife.

She paused in front of the floor-to-ceiling viewing window and stared out into the darkness of space as the memories of the proposal played through her mind.

He had sent her a set of coordinates that lead to a space station. There she was contracted another set of coordinates for the next system over, Romi. She had flown out to the bookmarked location to find an amazing display of his love. He had painstakingly flown in over one hundred containers and positioned them perfectly to spell out "Im sorry". In a container beneath the display, another one contained a ring and an invitation to meet him at St Alms.

She had found him by the altar and had thrown her arms around him. "I love you I love you I love you."
"I see you got my message..."
"It's been horrible without you. I don't care anymore about Nephanie, she was your past, I am yours now."
"I'm hoping it wont only be now."
"I will love you forever. So...there was a ring?" She didn't want to just assume it was a proposal.
"May I see it?"
He had taken it from her hand and knelt in front of her."I offer us a chance to start anew. To see each other in a new light. To experience, for a first time, our life together as sacred partners, eternal husband and wife."
"You mean want me forever?"
He smiled up to her, "If you don't mind, I'd like a little bit longer."

She turned her head slightly as she noticed the camera drone in the reflection of the glass. She had meant to start recording much earlier but had gotten distracted with unpacking instead.

"So, here I am, in my first apartment with my fiance." She settled down on an unpacked crate and opened up a bottled water while turning on the holoplayer to watch a recording of the PIE promotions ceremony from the previous day.

"It's been strangely wonderful, to wake up beside him, to come home to him, to live day to day with's more than I thought love could be."

"We've been mostly okay...there was one small bump in the road involving Michaela. She tried to sabotage us, it was horrible. And in that moment it was hard for me to not believe her when I knew that he had been with her before, that she was the reason he did not marry Nephanie."

She got a far away look in her eyes as she remembered the conversation with Michaela, Raphael's childhood friend who grew up to become much, much more than a friend. The woman had found Shalee when she had accompanied Saint to the mining colonly while he caught up on some business matters. Michaela insinuated that she'd been with Raphael recently and that Shalee meant nothing to him, that he would use her and then abandon her.

"But it doesn't matter now. Michaela is out of the picture." In great irony, the girl had attempted suicide once she had realized she could not come between Shalee and Raphael.

She took another sip of her water, "And we are happy. *I* am happy, very happy."

"Happy at home, happy at work." Her thoughts drifted to PIE inc. "Well, mostly. I'm only slightly annoyed by the fact that I'm still just an Interviewer and not a full Recruitment Officer despite being the most active recruiter since coming on board. I'm probably just being petty about the whole thing, but at the same time I can't help it. You want your superiors to take notice of your effort and when they fail to do so, you can't help but feel slighted. I plan on speaking to our CEO about it, I think."

"Hmm what else. There was a crusader op the other day lead by Commander Merdaneth to celebrate his 1000th crusader kill. It was a rush to fly under him, usually the scheduling differences have me on patrols with Captain Mitara or Lt SG Condor, so it was a nice change to fly with someone different."

"We also had a promotions ceremony yesterday. Aldrith was promoted to Lt JG, kind of suprised really, I never thought he'd last. I suppose everyone thought the same about me before I got my commission."

"The brass gave out a few awards, mostly the Captains were awarded for their work on the Corp Store, and then most everyone else was awarded the St Junip medal. That was nice really, my first medal."

Shalee stood up as the grandfather clock started to chime, marking the hour. Soon Raphael would be home. She hurried off to the bedroom to change into something to wear out to dinner as Commodore Shaikar's recorded speech echoed from the living room.

"Praetorians, it was a year ago that the Matari were defeated at Kourmonen and the remains of St Aman interred on Dakba. That year has seen the Crusade push on against the tribals, not only reclaiming systems but most importantly ensuring those systems stayed reclaimed. It has not been easy - the enemies of the Empire try our defences daily and many have fallen along the way. Halmah succumbed briefly and systems from Lantorn to Sahtogas have seen constant engagement. These are tests we will pass, no matter the cost. We must make His gift deserving. With God behind us we will emerge triumphant over the Matari, as we were with the swift relief of Halmah. St Junip spoke of tests at a dawn of greatness and and I believe we stand today at such a dawn, united behind the Empress. So on behalf of the Admiralty, it is my privilege to recognise the hard work and effort of the Praetorians over the last year with the creation of a new honour, the second campaign medal of this Crusade, the 24th Imperial Crusade - St Junip. This will be presented to all Praetorians who have fought in and supported the Crusade over the past year. Full details will be available on our communications nexus shortly. We cannot fail, for we have the Empress to lead us and destiny to follow. Amarr Victor."

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