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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Entry Seventy Five: Watching you..

(Shortly after the fall of Arzad...)

Dearest Shalee,
I have wonderful news my love, we will soon be reunited. No need to worry about the specifics now, but rest assured that you are being watched, and that color looks beautiful on you (the earrings go well with it).
I find your new hobby with the 'saving' the slave rabble quite intriguing, you always were a bit of eccentric.
Always with the weird hobbies, but perhaps it's exactly that neurotic streak that made me fall for you. Or maybe it was that ass. Either or.
In any case our last encounter inspired me.
As im sure you are well aware Arzad has fallen (better luck next time, im sure you did your best and all that) and slaves in that sector are now much more ...expensive.. to come by.
I find that quite annoying.
Frankly I find our last encounter quite annoying as well, and not at all as romantic as the one before.
Fortunately, I have the perfect solution. Partially due to your betrayal (you always did play hard to get my precious butterfly) I will soon find myself back in the Devoid Region.
Business, politics, war and destruction, etc etc.
YOU will accompany me on certain trips to procure replacement slaves for my alliance's efforts down south now that were mobilizing. You've already put me far behind schedule.
Now, besides the obvious fact that you will look for any excuse to spend time with me, no matter how well you hide your private emotions, I have an extra incentive for you to come along.
We're going to pay your safehouses a visit, and you will empty them of slaves and entrust them to my loving care. For free naturally. You have quite the debt to pay off and im sure you know of plenty of runnaway slaves due to your connections.
I cant wait to see you again, I love mixing business with pleasure.
With love,
Your beloved Garst
I will mail you further details where you will meet me. If you fail to turn up, or the safehouses mysteriously empty of slaves before I arrive, my agents will release various viral strains outlawed in 'civilized' empire into the matari populations of a dozen worlds in the Devoid cluster, and I promise you they will enjoy shorter and more painful lives than the slaves entrusted to my care will.
Food for thought.


Shalee was docked up in Tararan when she got the message. Her thoughts drifted to the hundreds of slaves that had been free'd over the last month or two. For nothing, if Garst should find them. She sent him a return message.
::::Don't do this. Surely there are other ways to make money, other places to go. Why here? Why can't you let it go.::::

Garst had been walking down the corridor of his commandship when the bridge forwarded him her private communication. He frowned as he sent a return message.
::::You took something that belongs to me. War is in the wind but like everything else war is a slave to budgeting and bureacracy. I need those slaves, and I wont spend another isk on them that could be better spent on another round or scorch crystal for my arsennal. When I call for you, you will come. And you will do exactly what I say, when I say. It's as simple as that.::::

She sighed heavily as she read the incoming message then fired off a response.
::::Garst I will do no such thing. I would rather die than have you undo all of the work I've accomplished these past months. You think I'm going to sacrifice all of those lives to save my own? You should know me better than that.::::

He growled and clenched his fists as he read her message.
::::I dont believe I threatened you but I like the way you think. Not only will I infect every slave and matari I find with the life eater strain, I'll save a little vial for Tararan.::::
He smashed the send button.

She paled. He knew where she was? She'd just given her crew a few hours of downtime, she couldn't even leave if she wanted to.
::::I hate you.::::

He sent a final message with a picture attached, one taken of her during surveillance.
::::I'll see you soon, and I was serious about the earrings. You should wear them when you meet me, I want you looking your best.::::

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