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Friday, December 10, 2010

OOC, auction & stuff

/ giggle.

So the auction ended at 175mil. Dunno how I feel about that, the stuff probably isn't worth all that. I'll contract it to the guy but I doubt he will pick it up. Hope he does tho, this is the absolute brokest I've ever been on EvE, ever.

In other news, I'm toly e-famous. Read my interview here: lots o' love for Sneaky♥

And Shalee is mentioned in a new story by Milan (previous Michael Priboj) here:

PIE does a contest for the best Amarrian for the year, they keep the nominations open for 10 days or so, then narrow it down to a 'short list' for their corp to vote on. They just announced the short list, and everyone who was nominated BUT Shalee made it to the short list...and the short list includes people like Zenton Karvash (whom I'm ok with ooc, but IC come on! he betrayed Amarr and hunted them down). And Kazzzi! For fucks sake! I never expected Shalee to win because she is too much of a wild child by PIE's stuffy old standards. But to get snubbed like that, ouch. Feel free to express your general outrage here:

And lastly! Everyone keeps asking me what is up with Zenton, why he left IFW and Minmatar. I do not know, okay? I am not Zenton's keeper. However, I do know that he has a new RP blog which can be read here:

Oh, and, our corp wishing you a merry christmas here: (it makes me giggles everytime)

The blog of Raphael Saint, very good read!


  1. If I were still around, you know I would shill the bid. ♥

  2. RE: Amarrian Capsuleer of the Year

    "However, you may not nominate either yourself, a member of your current corporation, or a current member of PIE Inc. "

    You were nominated by Eran Mintor, a member of your corporation, so the nomination was not valid.

  3. Yeah. The only problem I have with that is that a few days before the nominations, Rodj made a list verifying the nominations.
    I had a couple of people tell me they were going to nominate me but Eran beat them to it.
    So it's like PIE waited verified the nomination, then veto'ed it after they closed the nominations.

  4. He must have missed it earlier, sorry Shalee. You wouldn't have made the 'short list' anyway :p

  5. Back to my original complaint. I wouldn't have but Zenton and Kazzzi did...

  6. They did not make the 'short list', they were simply on the list on nominees.