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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Entry 127: Darkest Days

"Do you have any news of Yulai?" Commodore Shalee Lianne asked as she entered into the main hall of Mercy's Keep. She'd been out on patrol with militia when they received news of the incursion. By the time they had made it back to their home system, comms were overflowing with intel of Kuvakei and the Sansha.

She decided upon a short break, gather up what intel she could verify and then decide where next to go.

"None, I'm afraid." Karmilla answered as she stood to greet her.

"Last I heard there were over a thousand capsuleers in system." Shalee said as she activated her datapad, the neon blue screen illuminating her face in a soft glow.

"I'm not surprised."

"Surely with that many they were able to stop any abductions. I pray, anyhow."

"Attention pilots." Julianus Soter's form appeared holographically. "Nation is establishing a permanent portal within the Promised Land system, Genesis, Amarr Empire. This portal connects to Stain. The Amarr Empire's conventional forces are being prevented from interrupting this effort."

"Oh god..."

"The Amarr Empire is becoming a conduit for the arrival of Kuvakei's final assault. That is all." Julianus Soter's hologram switched to standby mode.

"It appears my dinner will have to wait." Karmilla headed towards the shuttle bay, nodding her head to Shalee, "Commodore."

Major James Silva's hologram flickered to life."James? What can you tell me?" Shalee asked, her expression worried.

"The Nation has the technology to create permanent wormholes it seems," he answered in a heavy voice.

Soter's form animated again, "Two super carriers, a hundred sympathizers in support ships. Kuvakei himself is overseeing the operation. Imperial Fleet Command has been paralyzed."

"What the...." Cold chills snaked down her spine. The Imperial Fleet Command paralyzed? How was that possible?

Soter's holo flickered off as Silva spoke, "In less then eight minutes they created a wormhole from Stain to the Promised Land to Yulai. I'm en route to Yulai currently, but I think my subsystems are damaged. My cloaking system says it's working but when I went to an engagement, I started taking precise laser fire."

"I heard that there were over a thousand pilots in Yulai....were they able to stop the abductions?"

"There were no abductions at Yulai. There were over fifteen hundred pilots in system."

"That's a relief, at least....but this wormhole technology...oh god. How is that even possible?"

"I don't know Shalee, but now we have to deal with this new threat," he said grimly.

Althea Ekran of Moira activated the hologram system. "Nation portal generator established, conduit complete. Next phase of Sansha Operation about to commence." The hologram flickered, "Kuvakei has left..."

Shalee glanced to Althea's holo form, her expression pale and etched with worry. "He left the Promised Land?"

"Kuvakei has published a new transmission." Althea said, activating the recording.

"It is done, my children. We have our path to the Promised Land. Soon, the rest of New Eden will wither under the firepower of my armada, but you, capsuleers, you are my chosen ones. I will share the glory of my Nation with you. In the coming months, when the days are darkest, look to the Promised Land for guidance. Find the conduit that remains and you will be rewarded."

"Oh God how is this even possible?" Shalee whispered to no one in particular as she paced between the holograms, arms folded, her boots thudding across the stone floor. "Any idea what is to happen next?" she looked to James.

"Open warfare, larger than anything we've seen with Nation's incursions before."

"Larger?! We have a hard enough time as it is fighting him."

"So it would seem."

"Are you in Yulai yet? How is it there?" she asked.

"I'm in Yulai, I'll show you what's here at planet two." The screen of her datapad flashed with an image.

"And that takes you to the Promised Land?"

"Only their ships." He answered.

"So they can control who goes through the wormholes too? Amazing..." She sent a message to both Predator Elite and Eran Mintor, forwarding the image.

"James, though we've just come in off of a Bleak's patrol, I think we can rally another fleet. Where are we needed most?"

"Start off in Araz. Get your fleet there as quickly as you can....and Shalee? Be prepared for any and everything...this is nothing like you've ever seen before."

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  1. I'm slowly catching up on the previous entries as well - but this is going to be interesting!