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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Entry Ninety: Letters

She had been distracted when Aldrith knocked on her door. He tried to engage her in conversation about Eran, VETO, and the direction of the Knighthood but for the life of her, she simply couldn't keep her thoughts focused.

Sensing her distraction, he left with a promise to talk with her later.

As she sat at her dressing table, pulling the brush through her hair, her gaze drifted over to the black metallic box that had been delivered earlier that day.

Inside, a matte black, perfectly machined, custom made .45 calibre pistol with a solid gold grip inlaid with hundreds of perfectly cut sapphires making up her corporation's crest rested on crimson silk.

She opened the box and pulled out the note, reading it again with a little frown. No doubt he'd sent it after their little exchange on the InterGlatic Summit.

For the next time we meet. Take care, darling.
- Ethan

"Arrogant bastard," she muttered under her breath as she folded the note up and returned it to the case.

Pouring herself a drink, she carried it over to the bed and picked up her purse. Hesitating, she looked at her comm and debated on sending him a snarky little response in return.

Minutes passed and she finished off the glass of wine, standing there awkwardly, on the verge of leaving. She had intended to check out some random bar that she'd been invited to, needing a new place to go on her down time since she'd no longer be going to The Last Gate.

"Really, who do you think you are," she said to herself as she poured another drink, all the while mumbling about the infuriating pirate.

"You're probably just sitting there waiting for some thank you note or something," she muttered again as she suddenly sat down on the edge of her bed, one hand holding her wine glass, the other busily sending him a message.


I asked for flowers.
- Shalee

Perhaps I'll deliver some in person, sometime.
I do hope you're well darling.
- Ethan

You'd be shot before you ever reached me, sweetie.
- Shalee

Oh, I have a feeling it'll probably be you who comes to see me before then, honey.
You just can't resist, can you?
- Ethan

Do you want to put a wager on that, sweetheart?
You think you are so irresistible? I'm pretty sure if we cross paths again, it will be you seeking me out.

Yet here you are, beautiful.
Still mailing me... and still chasing. It really is flattering.
I do hope that you're still well, and that you liked my gift, sweetheart.
- Ethan

Chasing you? Do you honestly think I am chasing you?
I mean really, what happened to I'm not good enough for you" or whatever nonsense you were sprouting off in the elevator that one night. If anyone is chasing anyone, it would be you who is chasing me, dearest.
- Shalee
ps. Yes I liked the gift, I'm more than happy to have you spend your money on me.

Yet here you are, still mailing me dearest.
It truly is heartwarming. I am of course free, if you'd like to pay a visit and get all this tension out of your system.
I can see that you're quite enthralled, and tense about this whole situation.
Please don't be too angry, honestly... you should just try to breathe a little.
- Ethan

I may be mailing you, but you are mailing me too, dumpling, if you have failed to notice the obvious.
Tension? I'm not tensed at all, and I hardly would say I'm enthralled. And really, angry? Why ever would I be angry? (just because you announce to the whole galaxy that you think I have some sort of crush on you..)
Really, Ethan. Your arrogance never ceases to amaze me. That's probably why you're so god damned big. A normal sized body just wouldn't do would it, need something to contain that arrogance in.
- Shalee

Shalee, cupcake... honestly...
You should see a masseuse darling, perhaps release some of that pent up aggression. I know that a strong attraction can leave one tense, but please... breathe a little.
I'm extremely flattered that you admire my size, that's a wonderful compliment, sweetheart.
I do hope that you find some form of release for your frustrations soon.
- Ethan

And what makes you so certain that I am frustrated, sweetpie.
If I am frustrated I assure it is not for the reasons that must be running through your smug little mind.
- Shalee
ps. You still infuriate me.

Your wording, buttercup.
You sound so tense, so pent up, and so frustrated. I can understand that I infuriate you, after refusing to bend to your demands like a good little boy, and eat from your palm.
When one is attracted so intensely, one loves to have control over the object of their desire. I can appreciate that you're frustrated.
Please don't be too angry, perhaps we can talk it out sometime, and you'll feel better?
- Ethan

'Talk it out' huh, sugarplumb. You're so insistent upon seeing me. Why don't you just say it Ethan. You want to see me.
I assure you that I am not attracted to you nor do I wish to have any control over you. You're ridiculous for even thinking such a thing.
- Shalee

Ah, the next stage of one's obsession, denial.
Honestly, sweetpea, it's heart warming!
I can appreciate how you feel, but honestly, it just couldn't work, unless you really felt you could make that connection and commitment.
I'm sure that you'll come to your senses soon enough, and that insatiable attraction you feel will bring you to me so that we can talk, and I can help you.
I do hope you're alright, and not too pent up and choked by your feelings.
- Ethan

Obsession! If anyone is obsessed it is you who is obsessed with me.
Honestly, honeybunch. I'm not coming to you. Ever. If you want to see me, you'll find me.
- Shalee

Shalee, honestly, pumpkin,
You'll find that eventually you can't resist it any longer. I don't blame you, you'll be alright.
Please don't take it too roughly, you just need to take a deep breath, and perhaps when you're ready to take that step and speak to me face to face again we can solve your problems.
After all, it was you who contacted me again.
Please do stay safe, and try not to worry too much in the meantime.
- Ethan

I already came to you about my problem and you were uncaring and a perfect bastard about the whole thing. You showed me that human life means little to you and that its all about business.
So, really don't flatter yourself into thinking that I'm in the least bit attracted to you. Not one bit. Not one iota. Not if you were the last man in New Eden!
- Shalee

Ah, Shalee.... munchkin...
The ugly face of denial rears its head.
I'll tell you what sweetie, when you calm down and manage to control your emotions, You can come talk to me about your little problem in a civil and rational manner.
I realise that your obsession is clouding your vision, but in time we'll be able to speak again.
- Ethan

I think you like the idea of me being obsessed with you (not that I am). Admit it, babyface.
When you decide to become a reasonable human being, do let me know and we can talk.

Oh Shalee, Dumpling!
You'll find that when you treat me like a reasonable man, which I am, that the responses I give will be to your liking.
I can see that your attraction to me is causing all this pent up aggression, when you feel brave enough to come and talk to me, we can work things out.
It's alright, there's no need to be afraid!
- Ethan

Oh cookie, I've already explained that I am not afraid of you! It is you who is afraid of me apparently, since you're so afraid to leave the safety of your little brothel or whatever it is you're running over there at the Gate.
So whenever you gather up the courage to face me, then I'll be here.

Shalee, pookie!
I have no fear of you at all, other than concern over your insatiable hunger and want for me.
I can understand that you may not want to stop by the Gate, although it's not a brothel I can understand that the sight of me with others may cause you heartache. I can accept that.
I have the courage, but I apologise that you don't have the same!
- Ethan

Ethan, love bug, darling.
If I were truely so insatiably hungry for you, then I would come to you, yes?
And yet, here I sit. La-de-fucking-dah.
- Shalee
ps. What are you wearing?

Only my extremely tight white training shorts of course, while relaxing in my office, sugar.
I do hope that gives you a little fuel for that insatiably hungry mind of yours. Of course, I'm still available for a chat, if you find that the thought of me alone is just too much to take.
Here I sit, too... relaxing inside your mind. It's comfortable here.
I trust you'll also answer me the same question you just posted, intriguing as it is.
- Ethan

Oh, hmmm, Sugar Daddy
Well. Nothing so improper as what you are wearing. Long pale blue silk dress with diamond earrings and a diamond choker to match. Heels, of course. But then again, I'm going out...
- Shalee

Ahhh, sweetcheeks
I hope it does you well, and you manage to ease the burden of having to lust for me constantly. I can appreciate your want, and your need for me.
If you'd like to stop by on your travels I'm sure we can talk business darling.
I do hope you have a wonderful evening. I should imagine you look ravishing!
- Ethan

Hmmm. You could see for yourself if you were brave enough. Thought that would require you putting on some pants. Could you manage such a thing?
- Shalee

I'm sure in that terribly aroused mind of yours, I'm not wearing pants. My offer is still there if you'd like to grace me with your presence for a chat, and satisfy your need to be close to me.
My schedule is free for some time, I'm sure you can manage it.
- Ethan

Be close to you? And you're not wearing pants? Really, is that your best pick up line? Surely the infamous Verone can do better than that. I almost feel disappointed, really.
- Shalee

Oh, treasure....
Honestly, the suspense must be killing you. I'm so sorry that I make you feel this way. I wish I could help.
As for pickup lines, I have no need for them sweetpea, I get all the satisfaction I need when I see the way that you look at me.
I do hope that you're alright and having a lovely evening.
- Ethan

Oh pudding, How can you say such things, such as, 'see the way I look at you'. When in fact, you are not looking at me at all.
- Shalee
ps. If you're really sitting there like you say, dressed how you say, then you'd send a picture, but I imagine you wont. Who is the afraid one now hmm?

Shalee, butterfly
Why would I do such a thing, when your need to see it in the flesh will spur you on regardless. They are after all, extremely tight.
I can understand that you may not want to fuel your addiction, but honestly... truthfully, sometimes the best things just have to be experienced.
As always, the offer is open for a chat, sweetie.
- Ethan

As hard (is it?) as it is to resist your offer, I assure you that I neither have any desire or want to experience whatever it is you're offering.
- Shalee

I can assure you, it's extremely hard. I can only imagine just how hard this must be for you. You need to remain resolute, stiff, stood to attention, and not show weakness, I can understand that.
Facing your desire, and coming for a chat would not make you a lesser person, cutie pie.
Feel free to join me for a chat, I'm sure we could work something out that was mutually beneficial.
- Ethan

Dear BabyBoo,
As enticing as that may be, I will have to decline your obvious desire for a 'chat'. Really I'm not that kind of girl. Did you think I would be so easy? Really, dumpling, I'm not the kind of girl you are used to.

Oh, Snookums
I'm well aware of that. I'm sure that you're aware too that I caught onto the thrust of the conversation from the start.
It's quite alright, I'll be around. I was actually interested to hear more about your little problem, before you got all angry and pent up with me the last time we spoke in person.
I'm sure that once you've released a little tension, you'll find the time to come by for a long chat.
It'll be so hard for me to compromise with you, but I'm sure we can come to a firm agreement.
- Ethan

As enjoyable as this has been, I must bring to a climax, I am sure you can understand.
And if you're really sincere about my problem, then you will contact me again. You will come here and talk properly.
- Shalee

Nonsense, peach,
I'm sure that once you've had chance to rest from all the excitement, you'll be able to slide right back into the thick of the action and have some long, hard, negotiation with me.
If you search that wanton, and animalistic lust you have for me, darling, you'll realize that beneath the large exterior, I'm quite sincere about your problem.
Show a little commitment, thrust yourself into the situation and come see me sometime.
Take a leap of faith sweetie, and come chat. I'm sure you'll get all the pleasure you need from such hard core negotiations.
Until then, little Amarrian flame, stay safe.
- Ethan

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