This is the diary & short stories of Shalee Lianne Cerra, in the fictitious universe, New Eden, in the game of Eve Online. Come be a part of her world...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Entery Ninety One: Spies and Betrayals

Exhaustion etched her delicate face. Tired eyes stared at the holoprojection in the small viewing room inside of the Keep.

She sat in the darkness, replaying several battles she had been in recently, intently watching her harbinger as it plunged into the thick of war.

Every few minutes her thoughts would drift to the spectacle on the IGS involving Jade, Revan, Eran, and Sophie. Usually she'd ignore anything involving the infamous Star Faction mouthpiece and her lover, but it was too difficult to not pay attention to the things Eran was sprouting off. short time in the Amarr militia was to support their efforts in regaining this territory I had taken un-righteously. The Amarrians have pushed into Minamtar space since, something I do not approve of, and I have withdrawn my support of their operations in Minmatar space.

Aldrith told her she should be proud of him, a man following his convictions, much like he had when he left PIE to start the Knighthood.

She pointed out that Aldrith hadn't left to join another corporation where he'd be flying with his ex-lover. He pointed out that he'd once been in love with Hitome and now they flew together. But to her it was different. Mitara was in the Amarrian militia. They all fought for the same goals. Hitome wasn't in love with him now. It was vastly different to her.

It bothered her to know that he was dismissive of the Amarr and what she was trying to achieve, as if his goals and dreams for their future were more important, more right than what she was trying to do.

A bright explosion snapped her out of her reverie and she stared at the tatical footage, once more watching as lasers pounded into an enemy hull. Predator Elite's voice rang out through the room, barking orders to the fleet.

She adjusted the camera angle to watch the rest of the fleet. Bire, Anbeerlin, Bern Blackwood, and Stavenhorst eased out of warp and landed into the heart of it.

Drones were launched and the scene became a free-for-all. The battle raged, explosions erupted, and pods were warping, the lucky ones, anyhow.

Her pulse quickened as she watched and some instinctive part of her longed to be in her pod in that moment, out on the field.

Sighing, she turned the projection off and sat there in the darkness with Predator's voice ringing through her mind still. She thought about how strange it was that she followed him into countless battles and trusted him implicitly thought she'd never even met him face-to-face. Other names from the militia flickered through her mind, men and women she flew with almost daily though she'd never actually met.

She qued up another battle to study while she lit a cigarette, needing to calm her nerves and quieten her mind. The battle reports were serving to distract her from what happened the previous night.

Almost, anyhow.

She couldn't quite shake it off.

She'd went to the PVBOS Interstellargrill out in nullsec, wanting to get away from the warfront and everyone she knew, needing a place to just be annonymous. Have a drink. Talk to a stranger who didn't care about politics or the war.

How utterly wrong she'd been to think she'd find it at the Grill.

As soon as she walked in, she ran into her old friend Eliza, who flies under the call sign Dame Death. As they sat talking, Vlad Cetes came up behind her and joined in the conversation.

She'd met someone by the name of DibbleBill, who seemed rather interesting.

The evening seemed to be going well, until some random girl introduced herself. Shalee gave her name and by habit, her rank in the Amarr Militia.

The girl snapped and threatened to kill her.

At first Shalee ignored it, but the girl wouldn't drop it.

Shalee invited her to undock, promising she'd meet her in space to shut her mouth up, though naturally Alowas would have none of that, instead, the girl got up in her face, trying to punch her.

Ethan Verone, who just happened to show up, got in the middle and seperated the two.

She almost forgot about it til today, when something about the girl's name nagged at the back of her mind. She went to her files and did a search, only to find that Alowas had been in the Minmatar Militia.

Nothing unusual about that, except that she had been contacted by Alowas months back and was fed information about the location of the Minmatar fleets.

Trusting her instinct, she passed along the information to BattleStarCrusader, who had been forming a fleet to capture a vunerable Minmatar system.

The intel had been brilliant, and the reason the operation was a success.

She'd never revealed the source of her intel, though no one never really questioned her about it either.

After a while she had all but forgotten about it.

Exhaling a mouthful of smoke, she forced herself to concentrate on the battle footage once more, shoving thoughts of Alowas and the PVBOS Grill from her mind, promising she'd deal with that intriguing little situation later.

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