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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Entry 107: Personal File 9-04-112

Personal Files.

It was just one of those nights on the war front. I really wasn't looking forward to patrols after hearing about the losses from day shift's fleets. With morale down, I knew there would be more chance of a suicide fleet and I really wasn't in the mood to lose a ship for the hell of it.

I don't mind losing, but I prefer not to hand the enemies easy kills and I'd rather have at least a chance of surviving.

I commed Sabotage from the hangar and asked if he was ready to head out but he pretty much had the same mood as I, so we decided to ditch the front for the night.

We ended up in shuttles and set course for the Eve Gate because he'd never been. We were expecting pirate gate camps along the way but it was a relatively quiet journey down, except for Concord chasing Sab through the Amarr and Sarum Prime. Aparrently Sab is now a criminal of some sorts, which I find highly amusing.

After exploring New Eden and the collapsed worm hole, we ventured out into the neighboring systems. Nothing much around those parts except for a black monolith. Sab seemed much more interested in it than I was. Really all I saw was an enormous black box of sorts but it was more profound for him, I think.

Oh well.

We started the journey back, stopping over in Ashab to check out some diner. We encountered a Khanid who was hiring some pilots to do a bit of grunt work. Any fresh-faced grunt straight out of the Academy could have helped the guy out, but..since we were there and had time to kill we said what the hell. We docked up in our shuttles and fitted up a couple of 'noob' ships with whatever we could find on the station market, then headed out.

It was easy enough work and after half an hour we left and headed out to Malkalen to see where a Nyx had crashed into an Ishukone station some years back during a peace summit.

Once I was back on the warfront I fleeted up with Templar, Riso, and Zik Kader from PIE for a while.

On the way back to Huola while passing through Auga, Kuan Yida invited me over. In local. In front of everyone. A part of me wanted to drop by but then I saw Veshta in local as well...

I told Kuan that I probably shouldn't. I don't know why it mattered really, it's not like I'm in PIE any longer or that Veshta could get me in trouble, if she even cared.

But still.

And lately there's some rumors circulating around about Kuan and I, just because I met with him once or twice. I don't understand it really. I think everyone is trying to turn him into the 'next Eran'. But it's not like that. He's not like that.

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