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Friday, September 10, 2010

Entry 109: A New Threat

She had warped to a random station in Kourmonen after a small skirmish on an accel gate with an enemy drake pilot. They would have had taken the drake down had it not been for ten of his friends coming to his rescue.

Pred and Mitara had lost their ships, Eran had lost his pod.

It was enough of a reason to call it a night. Plus she was already exhausted from a two night 'grind' out in null sec and the Bleaks to bring up her security status.

Maybe it was karma. She'd teased Sabo about his outlaw status and not even a day later her own had delved beyond negative two that would mark her as a dangerous criminal and keep her out of her beloved Amarr.

Huola had become a hotbed of activity lately with the Star Fraction moving into system and though they were not legally declared war targets, the Knights were encouraged to take them down at any given chance. Even if it meant taking a hit on their sec status.

KOTMC weren't the only ones in the militia who were suffering because of it. Others like PIE, DIA, and 1PG had been joining them on the grind during off duty hours.

Oh how she loathed SF. They were nothing more than vultures in her eyes, nasty little creatures that swept in to pick over kills. She had heard that during a carrier attack off the 24th station, SF were 300 off from the fight, watching until it went down, warping in at the last minute to 'whore' on the kill.

She had more respect for the Tribals than she did the SF. Apparently some of the Tribals felt the same way. She had found herself in a mixed fleet the one night with Minmatar and Amarr, all in a grand scheme to take down a few SF who were reported to be out and about.

The fight never came about due to SF's docking up, but never-the-less, the general feeling was shared by both sides. Star Fraction was an unwanted nuisance that no one wanted around.

Docking permission requested, docking request accepted.

She didn't even feel like going the one jump to Huola to her own apartment, instead she'd crash aboard the Captain's Quarters inside her Harbinger.

As she was getting ready to come out of pod, something in the local comms had caught her eye.

Silence iKillYouu "Shalee Lianne. I'm going to capture you....and Predator or Eran will have to save you."

She rolled her eyes. Great. Fan-fucking-tastic. How did the Minmatar even know of her friendship with Pred out of pod? How had it already become public knowledge. She could understand how they knew about Eran, but there shouldn't have been any connection between her and Pred. Not unless there were some kind of spies at the Keep when he visited, taking note of who she talked to. Who he had talked to.

It was psychological warfare at it's best. To unnerve her. To use her to get to Pred and Eran.

Once out of pod and after the showers, she made her way to her private quarters and slumped down on the bed, pulling out her neocomm. She ran a check on his callsign and found out the very basics of the pilot.

Silence iKillYouu
Current Corporation: Ice Fire Warriors
Sec Status: -1.6
Pod pilot since: 110.02.26
Rank in Minmatar Militia: Venge Captain
Total kills in Minmatar Militia: 1238

She wrinkled up her nose. Double her kills. A more experienced pilot who flew with the enemy 'late night' fleet. Not that she ever really remembered running across him before, but apparently she had. There were several records of him laying the final blow against her harbingers.

So what was a Khadid doing flying with the Minmatar anyhow? And how had she come to his attention specifically? What kind of game was he trying to play? Did he really mean to capture her. Hold her for ransom? Worse?

It was unnerving...but surely that was his intention.

"Well." she muttered to herself as she turned off her neocomm, her expression determined. "You're gonna have to catch me first..."

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  1. Silence has been showing an obsession with my posts about you. I shall have to have a chat with that pilot.