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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Can't Tell Me No

Solar System: C-V6DQ
Region: Etherium Reach
Constellation: H7Q-DG
Security Level: 0.9
Location: Don't Quit Now GEMICO Space Station

She grazed her hand lightly along the railing as she walked along the upper deck after a long day of ops. She'd docked her gila earlier, thanking God that she survived the night in one piece and suffered no losses. After disengaging from her pod, she showered then changed into black cargo pants, boots, and a long sleeved black shirt with the Triumverate logo across the front. It still felt alien to her, this winged creature that symbolized her new alliance. She studied it in the floor length mirror, bathed in the blue neon light that outlined the mirror.

She'd been in the alliance for a month and a half, yet still felt very much an outsider. She barely spoke to her corp mates, and only in passing to a couple inside the alliance. But that was the point, really. To stay in the shadows; to be as inconspicuous as possible. To watch and observe.

From the lower deck she could hear CuffDawg coming in off of his patrol. She leaned against the glass wall that wrapped around the atrium and peeked over the side. She could see the top of his head on the level below. He was easy to recognize, though not by his Caldarian cheekbones or his Civire attire, but by his colorful expressions. If she had an ISK for every time he had said cunt while on patrols, she'd easily be able to replace the machariels she had lost recently. Her proper, uptight Amarrian upbringing deemed she find the man crude and uncouth. However, she couldn't help but be utterly charmed by him. His feats were impressive. He flew without fear. And from what she could gather, he was a pivotal force within the alliance. She simply adored him.

As he disappeared onto a lift with another alliance director, she continued her stroll along the empty corridor. Sunlight poured into the viewport, basking the area in a warm, buttery glow. She paused to admire the spectacular view of space beyond the station. Stars glittered against the inky darkness. Several of her alliance mates were drifting nearby, waiting to head out on the morning patrol. She watched as the fleet hit warp drive, then disappeared from her view.

"Spectacular, isn't it?"

She turned her head as surprise washed across her face. "Kathetel? What are you doing here?"

The Imperial Agent folded his arms. "Checking up on you."

"I haven't been a part of the agency in years. I'm not your concern anymore, so you don't need to check up on me. I'm fine," she said in a rebellious tone.

"I'm worried about you."


"Because you are here," he spread his hands, referring to the station. "You don't belong here."

"I don't belong anywhere anymore," she said softly. "But that is hardly any of your business."

"You don't belong with Tyrell's bunch, that's for certain. He is a traitor to the Empire. And now, so are you when you choose to fly under his command."

"He doesn't even care about Amarr, you know. It's not like he is camped up in Kamilla terrorizing the locals."

His dark brow quirked. "Are you really defending him? Why? You used to hate him."

"I don't care about him either way, okay?"

He eyed her suspiciously, "Why don't I believe you?"

"I don't care what you believe. I don't have to report to you any longer, remember?"

He sighed, "Stop being so defensive. I'm here as your friend, not as your handler."

"Then as my friend, I ask that you stay out of it. Just leave, okay?"

Kathetel turned his gaze to the view port, standing silent for a long moment before saying, "You used to trust me."

Her blue eyes clouded as she stared at his strong profile. Memories fluttered through her mind. He was right. She had trusted him once upon a time. "What do you want me to say?"

"The truth. Tell me why you are here. Because from where I am standing, none of this makes any sense."

She gave a slow nod of her head. She owed him that much, she reasoned. He had saved her ass countless times in the past. Keeping her tears at bay, she quickly explained everything in a soft, emotionless voice.

He cocked his head to the side as he listened, and as she finished, he merely shook his head. "So what public reason do you give for being here? You were fiercely loyal to the Amarr Militia, and suddenly, you're slumming it in Etherium Reach with a bunch of 'Space Vikings'..." he did air-quotes.

She gave a shrug of her shoulders. "I tell anyone who asks that I am helping an old friend with a campaign. That he asked me personally."

"And people are buying that?"

"Why wouldn't they? They don't know what transpired between Garst and I."

He frowned. "And Garst? How is he treating you now?"

She looked away, staring off into space. "He pretends I'm not here."

Kathetel looked suspicious, "You've not spoken to him at all out of pod?"

She shook her head. "Perhaps he has forgotten me." She nodded, as if trying to convince herself. It had been a long time after all. A memory from five years ago played through her mind...

Garst slammed her against the wall as he whispered, "I've been looking all over for you girl; do you know how much trouble you've put me through? If you promise not to scream I'll let you speak. Nod yes if you agree."

Instinctively, she bit his hand as he slammed her against the wall, for the moment having no idea who it was until she heard his voice. She widened her eyes as she nodded.

"Remember, no screaming." His eyes were cold but uncertain. He took his hand from her mouth and frowned at the blood.

She trembled, "How did you find me?"

"That's for me to know and you to pray I don't have to do again. You've really led me on a chase."

"I...I told you I wouldn't be there."

"When are you going to learn you can't tell me no." He grabbed her chin with his bloodied hand and clamped her mouth shut. "The time for talking is over, now you are going to listen."

She gave a quick nod of her head, eyes bright with terror.

He wiped his bloody hand across her mouth, leaving her lips bloodied and his hand clean again for the second. "I really do care about you, you know... but I'm starting to think that you don't know after all all this chasing, all this back and forth. It's ridiculous and I'm tired of it." He ran his hand down the side of her waist gently, brushing her hips before bringing his hand back up to her gently touch her cheek. "You've had your fun, the games over. You're coming with me."

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