This is the diary & short stories of Shalee Lianne Cerra, in the fictitious universe, New Eden, in the game of Eve Online. Come be a part of her world...

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Lull Before The Storm

Solar System: C-V6DQ
Region: Etherium Reach
Constellation: H7Q-DG
Security Level: 0.9Location: Don't Quit Now GEMICO Space Station

Her neo comm chimed the moment she stepped into her captain's quarters. As the door slid shut, she slid her thumb across her comm to activate the new message. The subject line was -You'll want to hear this,- and sent by a single initial, 'K'.

Intrigued, she tapped the play icon on her neo comm. It was an encrypted audio file. She waited a moment as the encryption was sorted, then quirked a brow as she heard Garst Tyrell's voice as it began to play. Crisp, perfect sound quality but the recording started mid conversation.

"-here? Now? After all this time. Something isn't right. This isn't the first time we've faced a situation like this. But, it has the potential to be the most dangerous if not handled correctly. We're at a critical juncture and we can't afford the smallest slip-up. TRI is in the spotlight. We. Have. To. Be. Perfect." Garst's voice finished, distinct and commanding. 

A young voice, melodic and soothing replied: "You really think she could be one? Come on now, she's a nobody. You think that about every one..."

Garst: "Then explain the timing. You know exactly what our plans are. We are less than 48 hours from the a full scale attack. Are you willing to bet your Wyvern on it?"

Unknown Voice One: "You're being dramatic. What's the worst that she could really do-"

Garst: "Get us all killed? Or worse, embarrass us. I told you we're in the spotlig-"

Unknown Voice One: "So what, should I throw her out an airlock just like you did to-"

Garst: "Interrupt me again. Try it. You are going to follow her. You are going to have your agents follow her. You are going to intercept her communications. You are going to feed her false intel and see if turns up on the net. You are going to break into her room and riffle through her god damn underwear, turn the place inside out but make sure she doesn't see you. The same damn thing you do over and over, you do it well, and you do it right. No mistakes."

Unknown Voice One: "If you are really serious about this, I'll make it happen. Just like in Taisy."

Garst: "Yeah, like Taisy. If she turns out to be another god damned Legion spy, I'll make sure we get take care of her in a way that there won't be more volunteering to come infiltrate us next anytime soon."

Unknown Voice one: "You really think she's Legion? Black, Death, or Pandemic?"

Garst: "At this point I don't care. That's your job to find out. Make it happen."

Unknown Voice One: "You got it."

The recording kept running to the sound of footsteps growing more distant. Abruptly the file ended.

She gave a wary glance around her captain's quarter, half expecting one of Garst's thugs to be there waiting for her. Her heart thudded wildly with fear. She placed her palm against her chest, trying to calm her nerves. Had he already sent someone to her quarters? Had her things already been searched or was it yet to happen? And who was K? Who inside of Garst's inner circle wanted to help her? And why?

Startling blue eyes slanted across the room, searching every nook and cranny where someone could possibly hide. Thankfully, the area was small. She wasn't important enough to command one of the upper echelon's suites, or the penthouse. Just a tiny little space with a bed, sofa, closet, and a viewing screen.

With trepidation, she made her way to the closet and pulled it open, half expecting someone to jump out at her. She exhaled a soft breath as she found it empty except for a few pieces of clothes and some boots. She barely kept anything in C-V6 anyhow. Kneeling down, she keyed in the security code that would unlock a small floor safe. She pulled out the sidearm and checked it to make certain it was loaded and ready to be used. Just in case. She placed it back into the safe, then closed it before standing and closing the closet door.

Feeling a little more relaxed, she made her way over to the sofa and settled down. She waited a moment, making certain that no one was going to come bursting through the doors, then she pulled out her personal files and began to add information to them. Everything was encrypted, thanks to Viscerus Bent, her long time friend and hacking guru. He was brilliant, and she was thankful to have his help.

She worked for several hours, adding bits of information to pilots name, things she'd overheard on comms, no matter how random or trivial. Eventually it would come together and all of the little pieces would add up to something greater-and only then would she be able to unravel the mystery of the illusive Sani Sabik sect, Aposi, inside of Tri.

Raking her fingers through her hair, she settled back with a sigh after putting her files away. Even if Garst's people were to find them and copy them, they'd never be able to decipher them. At least that much was safe.

Her neocomm chimed with an incoming mail from her husband, Tigerfish Torpedo. With a yawn, she read it quickly and decided to head home to Huola tomorrow. Things would be infinitely better away from the tense situation in null, even if she could only spare a few hours away.

Dearest Shalee,
It's been a week since I last saw you, and even then we only met for a few hours between patrols. Needless to say I'm missing you very much, despite being as proud as I am of your recent dedication to Tri. I trust life in Tri is going well and that they're looking after you out there? Heaven knows how much I wish I could be there myself to help safeguard you - not that you need it of course.
Darling, could we perhaps spend some time together this weekend? My painting of you provides me good company when you're away, but it's no substitute for actually spending time with you. I don't mind whether you'd like to go out or stay in, I just want to see you. 
I'll be returning to the Manor tomorrow some time, as I think our war is coming to an end. The hostiles have just pulled back, their morale truly shattered. I think that in itself deserves celebration. Well, I'll let you mull it over.
With all my love,

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