This is the diary & short stories of Shalee Lianne Cerra, in the fictitious universe, New Eden, in the game of Eve Online. Come be a part of her world...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Entry 102: His Story

"So what's the deal? Why do you not like Intaki...?" she asked Pred as they stepped outside into the snow. Moments earlier he had lost his temper with Rita, an Intaki and frequent guest at the Keep.

He pulled out a picture and handed it to her, "This was my family..."

She barely hid her shock, "What?" She held the photo up to the waning light, staring at it as her thoughts raced. She had flown under him for months now, had been to his Huola apartment for drinks, he'd come to Amarr to visit her and the rest of the Knighthood at the Keep. He was her friend.

Wasn't he? What did she really know about him? Apparently nothing. She didn't even know his name, only his call sign, Predator Elite. Gods. And now he had a wife? A family?

"My wife and two sons."

"...wife? You are married?"

"Was." He looked away.

"It's a long story."

"Tell me."

"I was in the Caldari militia at the time. My family and I had moved out to a low sec system."

She nodded. "So what happened?"

"I thought I could protect them, from anything." He started to pace. "I was out in a small fleet commanding as usual and the next thing I know the Gallente had taken over the system we lived in."

She folded her arms, rubbing them absently as she listened, her eyes wide, trembling from the frigid temperature.

"I quickly organized a larger fleet and ran back to the system. It was a masssive fight, over five hundred against a thousand."

"...we had less."

"I did everything I could in the book to try and get it back, to retake the system... but I failed at every attempt."

"During the fight the gallente learned that my family was there. They found them and took them."

"I tried to pursue but was intercepted and we had to fall back."

"They held my family hostage for over a year. Eventually I left the Caldari militia to look for them."

"When I found the Intaki that was holding them I demanded their release."

"They tried to negotiate...the Intaki wanted me to spy against the Caldari. I obviously told him no way and then at that moment....I lost everything that was dear to me."

She paled, "Oh god...."

"He murded my family right in front of my happened so fast. They were dead before I even reached him."

"I buried them." His voice cracked, "I buried my wife and my two sons."

"I am so, so sorry." She blinked rapidly as if trying to keep tears from falling.

"I took the Intaki and tortured him for several months. He was asking to die every single day...eventually I agreed and killed him."

"At that moment I swore I would take the life of every Intaki I ever meet."

"...but Pred, you musn't do that. One person's actions should not speak for an entire race of people. He was a horrible, wicked man but...certainly not everyone is like that."

His jaw clenched as he reached out for the picture.

She stared down at the photo for a moment then passed it back to him, "I am so sorry."

"Maybe you're right Shalee.. but I will keep killing them as long as I am alive."

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