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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Entry 103: Commander Yida

"It seems I have some free time at the moment." Kuan Yida, Commander in the Tribal Liberation Force Militia said as he initiated comms with her.

"Mmm wonder why." She smirked to herself. Kuan was docked up in 'Auga Third' with twenty or so Amarrian militia hovering around the undock, herself included.

"And... you may note, lady, I was not on your combat loss log." Earlier, Shalee and Pred had went out for a roam, picked up one or two other pilots along the way and had been attacked by the Minmatar with overwhelming numbers. She had noticed Kuan being there just before she went down, though later when she checked the log of it, his name had not been listed.

"I did notice that, actually. Why?" she asked.

"I had other targets to shoot," he responded.


"However, it seemed as if it would be... unseemly. I don't know," he said.

"So. Unseemly," she muttered.


"Looks like we are leaving, so you're free to undock," she said as orders had been given to warp to Amammake.

"Alas, some stationside duties now call, and nearly all my comrades have disbanded."

Before she killed the connection, she said, "You shouldn't hesitate."

"You have been my guest, and I failed at providing proper courtesy. I have yet to determine how that should be amended. In the meantime... it will be simpler to choose other targets in your fleets."

"I'd rather you not do that," she said flatly.

"It is my decision, Commodore. It requires no response or like act on your part, nor any obligation."

"You're rather stubborn, aren't you." Shalee sighed to herself. Men.

"So, you have noticed?"


"The way of the Xia teaches pride and honor, and those can be difficult masters."

"Mmm. I've hesitated too," she admitted.

"My pardon, lady. Pressing business calls. However, I will be in contact. Fly safe."



After her patrol, she docked up in the Huola 24th station for the night. Once inside her apartment, she changed out of her uniform and made herself a drink, turned on some soft music and sat down to activate the date crystal he'd given her.

She took a sip of her wine as she started to read, 'Tao De Long Xia: The Path of the Dragon Warrior.'

She'd finished half a bottle of wine by the time she'd finished reading. Her thoughts drifted to when she'd first became aware of him, sometime out on the battlefield these last few weeks.

No doubt he became aware of her in the same time frame as well. He had wrote about her in his public logs, though she didn't know whether to be flattered or concerned. He spoke of her with equal flattery and sarcasam.

Of course.

He's the enemy after all, dammit.

And then he changed her world forever. He sent her the mail giving her proof that Eran had betrayed her.

Some part of her first thought he'd done it out of malice, that he must have taken great satisfaction to know that he had singlehandledy destroyed her life. Well no, to be fair, he handn't been responsible for Eran's actions. But still, had he not told she would have never known the depths that Eran had fallen to. The things he was capable of.

Later, she'd seen Kuan in local comms in Auga one night and randomly invited him to Houla for drinks in front of everyone. The guys she'd been flying with had laughed it off as if it were some joke, but she had been serious.

And he had accepted.

A few days later they met in Kourmonen instead, he'd taken her into the Vherokior occupated section of one of the space station to have drinks and dinner.

She'd been fascinated by the experience despite the open hostility from some of those who had hated Amarrians.

It could have been a trap. He could have easily delivered her over to the mob yet he did not, instead he protected her.

Her enemy defended her against his own people.

It was a strange situation and had continued to be one even after she'd left him for the evening.

Since then she'd hesitated on the battlefield, just for a few seconds, but enough to where Kuan managed to live. It had made a difference.

She had been disgusted with herself, not because she shot him, but because she hesitated. Kuan had wormed his way into her subconscious, gotten under her guard and now she was paying for it.

"Goddammit," she muttered under her breath.

After another glass of wine, she opened up her neocomm and sent off a message to him.

Dear Commander Yida...

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  1. Somebody's getting attached to the enemy again!