This is the diary & short stories of Shalee Lianne Cerra, in the fictitious universe, New Eden, in the game of Eve Online. Come be a part of her world...

Monday, May 18, 2015

I Spy With My Holographic Eye

Solar System: C-V6DQ
Region: Etherium Reach
Constellation: H7Q-DG
Security Level: 0.9
Location: Don't Quit Now GEMICO Space Station

The hologram tilted her head as a look of surprise washed across her delicate, childlike face. Blue eyes widened as she spied on Xavier Marcell, who flew under the call-sign, BigThump, for the No Mercy corporation. Red had accessed his holographic display minutes prior, assuming that the man would be asleep. She had planned on peeking around his captain's quarters to see if she could gather intel on Shalee's corp mate, not that she had expected to find much, but, she was bored, and BigThump was at the top of Shalee's list.

The child apparition had little difficulty in spying on the lower members of the corporation thanks to a backdoor access security code given to her by Vlad Cetes. Like Viscerus, Vlad was more than competent when it came to acquiring data. The pair had made a deal. Whatever she found out she would have to share with him- which she didn't mind, she didn't expect to find much from peeking around in member's rooms. But, she had little else to do at the moment. And if she were lucky, someone might be lazy and leave a vital clue lying about, like perhaps a ceremonial Sani Sabik dagger or the blood raider robes. Probably not, but it was worth having a look. And anyhow, she was too inquisitive not to have a peek.

She made a little gaspy sound as she realized Xavier was not only awake, but he wasn't alone. Red absorbed the details with a swift glance. She saw him across the room in his bed with a Caldari woman whom she did not recognize. Black silk sheets rumpled, half laying across the floor beside the bed. Several opened bottles of alcohol littered the table nearby. Xav, nude accept for his dog-tags, fisted a hand into the long blonde curls of the Civire, the other slid to the naked girl's hip. His fingers curled into her flesh and he uttered a moan as he slid into her from behind.

The room filled with their lusty sounds: moans, groans, and animalistic grunting as Xavier shoved himself deeper and deeper into the Civire.

Red watched with wide, blue eyes, enraptured by Xavier's prowess. His muscles flexed with each thrust, his sinewy body magnificent beneath the neon blue lights that flickered overhead. The blonde girl splayed her fingers against the headboard, bracing herself while pushing back, meeting his thrusts with wild vigor. Her overly large breast swayed as Xav impaled her over and over.

The hologram cupped her hand and covered her mouth. She knew she shouldn't watch, but she couldn't quite pull her gaze away.

Xavier's hand slid from the Civire's hip and cupped the blonde's bottom, his fingers sinking into her pale flesh. The woman cried out as Xavier leaned over to graze his lips along the woman's back. Sweat glistened and dripped from Xav's forehead. He lapped his tongue along her backbone, then straightened up behind her. As he tugged her hair, the woman stretched her neck and groaned.

The hologram gasped as Xavier slapped his large palm against the Civire's ass cheek, no doubt leaving a red mark. "Is this what you want?" he asked in a raspy voice as the woman whimpered. "More?" He spanked her again, harder. "Is this how you like it?"

Red gasped again, the sound loud enough to break through the sexual frenzy across the room. Xavier turned his head to look at Red with utter shock. Red made a little 'o' of surprise with her mouth as she was caught spying, then suddenly disappeared from the room.

Seconds later, a hologram drone whirled to active as she accessed Viscerus Bent's Naglfar, assuming that is where she'd find the man. She found him in his office, his head buried in data files, as per usual.

"Ahem," she cleared her throat to get his attention.

He side-glanced her, "Hello poppet."

"Why do you always call me that?"

"It's cute. You're cute." He shrugged.

She giggled, "Oh. So guess what!" she said as she settled down onto the floor near him and conjured two holographic dolls to play with.

"What's that?"

"I just came from Xavier's room..." Her eyes widened, her face lit with mischief.

"Xavier?" he asked.

"BigThump, from corp. That is his real name. Xavier Marcell," she said it with a fake Gallentean accent.

"Ah okay. What were you doing in his room?"

"Oh. Just spying," she said casually.

"Spying...huh. How did you get in?"

She sighed, "Vlad gave me the security codes. But I can only get into certain rooms. Not Garsts."

Viscerus's face darkened, "In exchange for what?"

"I have to share intel with him," her tiny shoulders shrugged. "It doesn't matter."

"You should stay away from that man," Vis warned.

"Who, Xavier?"

"No, Vlad. He doesn't do anything for free or from the goodness of his heart. Hell, at this point, I doubt he even has a heart left."

She snickered. "I just have to tell him what I find. That's it."

He gave her a skeptical look. "Well. What did you find out about Xavier?"

Her blue eyes widened, "He likes to do it like the slaver hounds do." She cupped her hand over her mouth as she snickered.

Viscerus coughed and patted his chest, "What did you say?"

The holographic girl giggled mischievously. "I watched him do it with some girl I've never seen. Maybe she is one of the paid girls from the station lounge? But she wasn't Gallente. So I dunno. But! I don't think he is Aposi, or Sani Sabik even. So that is good news, right? With his banking connections, perhaps she can use him to get into the other files. Maybe he will help her."

Viscerus rubbed his hand along his face, his expression one of disbelief. "Why do you think he isn't Aposi?"

"Because he didn't have any Sani tattoos," She rolled her eyes as if that should be obvious. "And he didn't cut her," she said matter-of-factly. "Sani like to use blood when they do it."

"I..." he stuttered as his face flushed with embarrassment. "You shouldn't be spying, and you especially shouldn't be spying on people when they are having sex."

The girl shrugged, "Why ever not?" She danced her two holographic dolls together. "People have sex. And anyhow it is better to see them naked so I can see if they have the tattoos."

"Because you are a little girl, and little girls shouldn't watch those kinds of things."

"But I'm not a little girl. Not really." Her startling blue eyes slanted up, meeting his.

He considered her for a moment, "You take the form of a little girl. Why?"

She returned her gaze to her dolls. Her expression softened as she answered him in a whispery voice, "Because it was the last time I was truly happy."

"When you were five?"

She nodded. "My mother was alive. I didn't know that my father and brothers were Sani Sabik. I didn't know what went on in our house. Everything was perfect."

Viscerus raked his fingers through his hair, then adjusted his glasses. "That makes sense. I guess I never questioned why you appear as the child. You've been doing it for so long, it's almost Red is a separate entity from Shalee."

The child nodded. "That is almost true. She can never remember the things I find out. But, I've been leaving her notes. I really think I can help with the investigation."

"You have to be careful. This isn't a game."

"I know." She rolled her eyes. "I know important it is."

He nodded, "Sorry. Of course you know."

She looked up at him, "I just want the Aposi found and dealt with so we can leave this place. I hate it here."

Viscerus frowned, "I'm sorry you hate it here. I can't imagine it is easy for you, especially dealing with Tyrell." He raked his fingers through his hair again as he sighed with frustration. "Can you change your avatar?"

Her tiny brow quirked. "To what?"


"But why? No one has ever asked me that before."

"Because I feel like I'm talking to Shalee, not a child."

Red nodded, "Yeah. Okay." The hazy blue hologram flickered, then disappeared. A second later the image of Shalee appeared in holographic form. She smiled at him, "Better?"

He eyed her curiously, "Yes. Have you always used the child avatar?"

She nodded. "Pretty much," she answered in a voice that mimicked Shalee's, not the child-like apparition she usually used. "People seem to trust me more as her."

"Curious," he said.

"Isn't it, though." She moved over to Vis's sofa and stretched out on it.

"So what is your plan? To invade our corp-mates rooms while you're a hologram?"

She shrugged. "Might as well. It can't hurt."

"Unless you get caught."

"I wont."

He gave her a disbelieving look.

"Fine. I'll be careful."

"I'm worried about you. The Aposi have to know why you are here," he said.

She shook her head, "No, perhaps not."

"Why do you think that?"

"Because they don't know that I know who is responsible. And they don't know my history with Garst. We were corp-mates before. We were close...most people assume we were lovers. Perhaps they think I am here for him now."

Viscerus nodded, agreeing. "That is possible. And from an outsider's point of view, I guess it makes sense. Tyrell did name a station after you."

She nodded, "I was surprised to see that. I wonder why he did it?"

"Maybe...maybe he is still in love with you."

She frowned, "If only that were so. It would make everything so much easier..."

Friday, May 1, 2015

In The Shadows

Solar System: C-V6DQ
Region: Etherium Reach
Constellation: H7Q-DG
Security Level: 0.9
Location: Don't Quit Now GEMICO Space Station

Unease slithered down her spine. She could feel them watching her, though as she glanced over her shoulder, she noticed that the corridor was empty. Her blue gaze lifted, and she casually took note of the surveillance cameras placed sporadically along the ceiling. No doubt that's how they were keeping tabs. Stretching her hands above her head, she leaned from side to side, then doubled over, stretching her hands to the floor. Discreetly she noted the time, then mentally started the countdown. She had a matter of seconds to make it to the servant's passage. She started her run again, making good time around the upper deck where No. Mercy lived.

Just as she neared the door, the lights flickered within the station. The corridor went dark and she started to count under her breath, knowing she had precisely one minute to change into a servant's uniform and step back out into the corridor.

Her pulse quickened as she slid the uniform on over her clothes, then calmly stepped back outside into the dark corridor. Sweat trickled down the back of her neck as the lights suddenly flashed back on.

So far, so good, she told herself, then mentally thanked Viscerus for his nefarious hacking abilities. It bought her enough time to disappear from the watchful eye of Garst's surveillance.

Shalee stepped into the lift that would take her to the pent house in the C-V6DQ station. Her body practically hummed with nervousness, every fiber of her being felt stretched, taut. She inhaled deeply as she tapped in the servant's passcode that would gain her access to Garst Tyrell's personal space. Again, she thankd Viscerus for hacking the servant's data and acquiring the access code that would allow her to enter any room in Tyrell's suite.

She chose the time carefully after studying him for weeks, getting familiar with his habits. They had an op planned within half an hour, and before every other op, he had been near the hangars with the rest of his command.

Her breath caught as the lift ascended. She watched the neon blue numbers flash, and then finally settle upon -PENTHOUSE-. The doors slid open with a chime. She stepped out into the foyer, then made her way to the door that would lead into the suite itself. She repeated the process of entering the servant's code, then made her way into the living room. With her back against the wall, she waited, and listened, just in case. Hearing nothing, she continued on.

Having memorized the floor plan, she quickly darted down the corridor towards his personal office, assuming that is where he would keep his files. Relaxing somewhat, she keyed in the password, then checked her neo-comm, making certain that the op hadn't been called off. As the door slid open, she froze. He was there, at his desk. Thankfully, it faced away from the door, so his back was to her. She had a split second to make a move. No doubt he knew someone was there, but perhaps, just perhaps, he would assume she was a servant.

Garst Tyrell sat at his desk, staring into his computer monitor. He watched as map after map slid across the screen. Choosing one, he began to manipulate and study it. He picked up his drink and sipped it, then sat it back down without ever taking his eyes off the map. An alarm broke the silence, alerting him that he had no more than twenty minutes until he was due on the flight deck.

He stood and straightened his jacket, then picked up his glass as he turned around. He froze when he saw her silhouette in the dim light, standing in the darkness beyond the doorway to his office.  "You just made the last mistake of your life," he growled.

She could feel the blood draining from her face. Think, dammit. "Is that how you greet an old friend?" she said in the most casual voice she could muster.

He reached for his sidearm in a lightning quick movement but his hand relaxed on the leather holster as he recognized her voice. Then, slowly and measuredly, he moved his hand back onto the grip of the weapon. He placed his drink onto the desk without ever taking his eyes off of her, then folded his arms.

Shalee boldly stepped into the room, forcing one foot in front of the other. She dropped her gaze to his sidearm. The memory of him forcing a gun into her mouth flashed in the back of her mind. She forced those thoughts away as she tried to keep her fear pushed down.

"My friends don't sneak up me like a thief in the night," he said.

"How else am I to get your attention?"

"Who are you to deserve my attention?" He was conscious of the seconds ticking away, preparations still needing to be made occupying his thoughts, the thousands of crew and capsuleers that were even now awaiting his presence in fleet.

She clasped her fingers together loosely in front of her. "We were friends once."

He resigned himself to her inconvenience. They could wait on him. It's not like they had a choice. "That was lives ago. Why do you hang onto the past so desperately? I thought by now you'd have learned some perspective."

She could tell he was impatient, though guarded. At least he hadn't thrown her out the airlock yet. "You think that is what I am doing?" She nodded, "Yeah okay. I should go. We have an op soon."

"Not so fast. You sneak into my room, make me late for my own damn op, and then just say "forget it"?"

She made no motion to leave. Instead, she stood there, gazing at him, hoping that her fear wasn't bleeding through. "You want to forget the"

"Stop being so dramatic; just spit it out woman. What is it that's so important you couldn't mail or convo me like the rest of the corp?"

She bit her bottom lip to keep from being a total smart-ass. Inhaling a deep breath, she exhaled, then smiled in what she hoped was in an alluring way. "I wanted to have a drink with you. To catch up on old times. But, you're not interested. So I'll leave."

He stared at her for a long while before finally taking a second glass from a nearby shelf, carefully pouring a measure of whiskey, and holding out to her. "So drink."

Apprehensively moved closer to him and took the offered drink from his hand. "Thank you." Whiskey. Of course. She took a careful drink from the glass, trying not to wince as the amber liquid burned her throat.

He gulped down what was left in his own glass then placed it back on the desk. "You've been avoiding me. You think I didn't notice, but I notice everything. Nor am I stupid enough to believe that you broke into my home was because you wanted.. to what was it..? 'catch up on old times?' What a cliche, stupid line Shalee. You never were good at lying."

"I waited for you to make the first move." She finished her drink and sat it on his desk beside his empty glass. "And since you didn't, here I am."

He chuckled. "First move? Are we dating? I should thank you. You've been staying out of my way up until this moment magnificently, and it was appreciated. Shame you had to go and spoil that winning streak."

"I offered to leave."

"Yes, yet here you are. Very convenient, so now you have my undivided attention. You should have never came in in the first place! So spit it out! What is it you really want cause I'm already out of time and out of patience for games."

She bit her bottom lip, thinking. "Yes. Well, we have an op, so I'll just go." She smiled as naturally as possible, then turned around to head for the door, "Thanks for the drink."

He rushed behind her and pinned her against the wall with his body, arm across her throat. "You don't get to leave until I say so."

She tensed as she was shoved against the wall, "You could have just asked me to stay."

He looked her into the eyes for a few full heartbeats before stepping back, releasing her. He moved in front of the door, blocking her escape without having to physically hold her there. "Lets just get this over with."

She exhaled a breath she hadn't realized she was holding. Her blue eyes widened as surprise washed across her face. She hadn't expected him to let her go so easily. "Get what over with?"

"The charade. This is the part where I ask you .. again.. why you are in my quarters at 0216 at night, stalking me over my shoulder as I work. This is the part where you will try to dodge the question until you can think up some flimsy lie or distraction to appease me. So then you will lie to me."

Shalee winced, knowing her lies weren't going to work. He knew her far too well, even if he didn't realize it. "I want access to your files."

Garst looked startled for the briefest of moments, then immediately regained his composure."

"Employee files. Both corporation and alliance," she continued.


She felt a new wave of fear coursing through her, expecting to be shoved out of the airlock in the next few minutes. "Yeah, I figured that is what you'd say. Hence me breaking in."

He growled as he grabbed her roughly, shoving her in front of him and throwing her onto the ground outside the door into the public hallway. He spoke into his communicator, "I need four armed guards on my room now. Make it happen... Yes now." He glared at her, "If you ever break into my quarters again or touch my corporate files, you won't be coming back in any new clone bodies when I'm through with you. I've got a fleet to run. Get out of my sight."

She scrambled to her feet. "Point taken." She exhaled a shaky breath, and backed away as quickly as possible.