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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Entry Four

Activate Log.

The order that was issued barring any contact with Kor was mysteriously deleted. I really don't know what happened or why, naturally. God forbid anyone tell a lowly ensign what is going on. I questioned Zenton about it, he said that the Admirals were about yesterday, he figures our Commanders jumped the gun issuing the order, but that is just a guess.

Yesterday I joined Zenton and Omnicide out on the warfront. I feel really comfortable flying with them, they take in account my inexperience and have no problems answering a million and one questions. Our patrol was fairly uneventful, we were able to take control of some plexes without much interference. We called it a night, pleased with what we had accomplished and the fact that none of us lost anything, I chalked it up to my lucky dogtag I had gotten the other day. No sooner than I had docked up at Lantorn, Commander Newelle came over the comm asking for assistance so we all flew out to meet her.

Zenton had to wait by the gate, Omni and I went in to assist. Orders were to engage the enemy. All four of them. I really wasn't comfortable with those odds, but orders are orders. Apparently my lucky dogtag lost it's mojo. Omni and I lost our ships but managed to get our pods out to safety, at least. Ah well, better luck next time.

I called it a night for the second time and went to Paradise to have a drink in honor of TES Wednesday. She was a good ship, for all the two days I had her.

Anyhow. Paradise was a bit interesting. Kor was there having a drink, though I was under the assumption I wasn't allowed to talk to him, he told me to check my logs, that the order had been rescinded. I wanted to question him about everything but no sooner than I started to ask, Aldrith came in yelling. Awkward. Garst came in a few moments later so I went over to have a drink with him instead. We could hear Kor and Aldrith, and Garst really couldn't help himself, he started yelling at Kor as well. That one certainly has a temper. I could actually see the vein popping out against his temple. So then, Mitara comes into the club as well. All three were having a go at him, it was pretty intense. I couldn't help but feel sorry for him. Mitara left and Garst wasn't much company so I ended up leaving. I hope I can find Kor later and find out exactly what happened.

After I left I took a shuttle over to the Utopian Dream. It's a pretty interesting place, a ship thats probably more Gallentian in design than any other place I've been. It is a vessel that has a simulated park, a lake, a hotel, and some other stuff. Some of the BK4 pilots hang out there, Zenton and I usually go over every few days to catch up with everyone. I did find Zen there, as well as Spacey. We ended up having a long talk with him, it was kind of nice finding out about his past, and his real name even. Spacey is a fun one, odd but fun. I like him very much.

She gets a faraway look in her eye and falls silent as the camera drone keeps recording. Moments later she seems to snap out of her reverie, glancing at the drone.

I tried to tell Zenton about Brumm...but I couldn't really find the words. To speak about Brumm, I'd have to tell him everything else. I just...I don't want to think about it. I don't want to remember. I did insinuate some things that happened but he didn't force the subject, for which I was grateful.

Maybe someday I'll be able to tell him everything....and maybe he wont hate me for it.

Terminate Log.

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