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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Entry Seven

To know the true path, but yet, to never follow it. That is possibly the gravest sin.-The Scriptures, Book of Missions 13:21

Activate Log.

When I had returned from a week long journey, I first went to Paradise hoping to catch up with Zenton, thinking I'd suprise him. He wasn't there so I decided to wait around a while to see if he'd show up. He did not, but I did end up meeting someone else. His name was Prezzle, or something to that affect. He invited me for a drink, which was fine, until he invited me for a private discussion on his ship. I of course told him no, that anything he had to say to me he could say in the bar. I probably should have left at that point but I was tired from a long flight and was rather enjoying the free wine from his private collection. I think perhaps he was trying to get me drunk, but I am not so naive as that. We had a very long talk and eventually I left, alone.

After I had woken up the next day, I had received a message from Koronakesh. He asked me why I hadn't taken him up on his invitation for a drink at the Skyhook yet. I told him I didn't know the he told me. And there I was half an hour later, walking pretty as you please into an establishement owned by the Angel Cartel on the arm of a pirate.

Oh if Laerise had of seen me then...

I tried to console myself with the fact that I was there, off duty, with the intentions of trying to bring Kor back to PIE. I think sometimes it is okay to do a wrong thing for the right reason.

He lead me to a secluded little booth with a view of the bar. As I sat, I looked out across the club and felt a moment of panic. I realized that I was sitting beside a pirate, an actual murderer of the innocent. Before it had been speculation, it wasn't confirmed that he really was a pirate. Until then, I was merely trying to put the pieces together, hoping that the final puzzle would not reveal the depths into which he had fallen.

But there it was, the truth in all of it's horrible glory. Koronakesh was one of them. I looked out again and saw their curious gazes upon me. Wicked vile creatures of the underworld, those who feast off of the misfortunes of others. They were drinking, laughing, flirting, unbothered by their crimes against humanity, their sins against God.

But what should I care about God for, I don't even believe in him.

I looked at Koronakesh and tried to relax. He wasn't so far gone, I thought, only having just returned to this world, this new life that I cannot understand. If I could reach him somehow, persuade him to turn his back on these people and return to PIE...if only.

As he ordered for us, I admitted that I should not be there. He laughed and told me that it never stopped me before. Before I could say anything to that, he told me that I should relax, that I wasn't the only Praetorian to visit the club..

Obviously that piqued my curosity. After much back and forth, he finally admitted that he had brought Aefee there as well, that they had danced and drank and 'had a good time'. Whatever that means. He of course wouldn't go into details.

We spoke of other things, I asked him about his new life. He told me little, naturally. After some man came over to the table to get a good look at a 'Ni Kunni', Kor warned me against walking around the corridors of the Sky Hook alone, to which I told him I was old enough to take care of myself. He told me he was only being protective.

Before I could question him further, another patron came over to the table, her name was Morwen Lagann. She seemed a bit out of it, drugs I think. Kor really didn't give me a chance to find out. He made it all too obvious that I should 'get back before the Praetorians miss me'. And so I did.

I left feeling a bit disheartened. Perhaps Kor is right, perhaps I am too naive for my own good. I just can't help but feel like he was reaching out to me, even if on some subconscious level. But if that isn't the case, if he sincerely believes he is supposed to be with those nefarious people...then why does he continue to pursue a friendship with me knowing that it is forbidden? To what avail? Could Garst be right? Could Koronakesh really be some dark angel trying to lure me away from all that is good and righteous? It's hard to think that I could have misjudged him so.

After I left the SkyHook I set my destination for the Utopian Dream, needing the distraction of friends and drink without the worry of the brass watching over my shoulder. I found Spacey sitting out by the lake. We had a long talk about the responsibilities of a capsuleer. He talked of his time in the military and the reasons why he left. We spoke some about love, relationships, and life in general. We went up to the bar for drinks and we happened to meet a freed slave who once belonged to Zenton's family.

I eventually took my leave and left for Inis, sending Zenton a request to meet me there. Along the way I stopped by Sarum Prime to pick up some things, and was contacted by Victoria Anne, someone who works for Astrum Latito. She offered to sell me modules for cost. Can't complain with that, especially considering how quickly I seem to go through them..

Finally, finally, I met up with Zenton. I explained everything, where I had been, the things I had done and why it had taken so long. He seemed to understand. I then told him of everything else, of going to the SkyHook and speaking with Kor. He told me he was contacted by Melicia the other day, that she wanted him to intervene and speak to Kor about what he was doing. I find that rather intriguing, this woman whom he supposedly loves, a woman who is married to another woman yet gives herself so freely to him cannot bare the thought of him being a pirate. Can she not see that maybe she was one of the factors that drove him to it? Why wont she get a divorce and be with him? So many unanswered questions....

Terminate Log.

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