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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Entry Six

Activate Log.

Apparently Commander Laerise has a problem with Zenton and I, though she can't do anything about it. Yesterday she had an unofficial talk with him. I personally don't think it is any of her business. I followed protocol, asking what the PIE rules were on dating before getting involved with anyone. Not my problem if there aren't any rules on it. Whose fault is that then? And really what can she say about anything, I heard she married a Gallente, aren't they little more than whores?

But still, I'm not going to obsess over it. I just don't want to become the next target now that Kor is gone. They were all over his relationship with Melicia and now that he is out, I feel like I'm next. I don't think it helps matters that I still consider Kor a friend.

Last night was fairly low key. A few of us went out to see the capsuleers grave yard on the recommendation of Commander Newelle. It wasn't very far from Amarr, three jumps out or so. Honestly I was expecting more, we got there and found two cans or so. Mitara had told us previously that capsuleers often go there to jettison enemy corpses. We stayed out there for a while, just relaxing away from the warfront. I had picked up a secure can from Amarr and taken it with me with the intention of leaving it out there for when I get my first pod kill. As soon as I jettisoned it, Zenton and Omni started attacking me, my ship was spinning around as I tried to lock on one of them, Mitara took the opportunity to steal my can!

The nerve! Villainous thieves, the lot of them.

But really it was fun and I was glad to have the chance to see Mitara off duty. She isn't as hardassed as Laerise, apparently. I like her very much. I also admire her skills and I think I'll try to follow in her footsteps some. I'm pretty keen on flying stealthy ships at some point.

After everyone left, I flew back out with my second can (the first having met a firey death from Zenton and I). I dropped it off and headed over to the Basilica. I spoke a little with Dame, she was in her usual spot, praying before Jamyl. She seemed worried so I questioned her about it, she told me that she was a little nervous over leading a fleet today in Lantorn. However she did seem rather proud of the fact that her CEO trusts her to do it.

I heard this morning that the militia had taken Lantorn, so she must have done something right.

Terminate Log.

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