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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Entry Nine

Those who turn away from the light and walk in darkness shall be struck down by His wrath, for we are retribution incarnate, his Angels of Vengeance.- Scriptures, Book of Reclaiming 4:45

Activate Log.

Bad news. Sometimes you know it's coming and sometimes it hits you like a pack of Minmatars sitting cloaked on a gate you just jumped through while on autopilot.

I had assumed the incident involving Aldrith at Paradise was over and done with. Wrong.

Last night right before my sleep cycle Commanders Laerise and Mitara asked for a 'word' in private. As if I have the option of saying no. Reluctantly I opened up the comm channel, steeled for the asschewing I knew I was about to get.

It went quickly enough though. If I have learned nothing else, I have realized the importance of sucking up all opinions and telling them what they want to hear to get it over with. Mitara lectured me on my conduct, telling me that however right I may be, I have no business defending someone like Koronakesh in public, that it reflects poorly on myself and the Praetoria.

What wasn't said but clearly implied 'sever all contact with the pirate before you find yourself chucked out of PIE'.

Roger that.

I admit I have had some kind of fascination with Kor but I will no longer let it interfer with my position inside of the Praetoria. At first I thought that perhaps I could somehow help him but I now realize he is where he wants to be. He has made his choices. Even if he couldn't stay in PIE, he didn't have to resort to murder. Stealing is one thing, but murdering of the innocent is something all together different. He's a lost cause and I have to give up on him before he brings me down with him.

Everything else seems to be somewhat okay. Zenton and I skipped the war front for a little mining in Etav, much to the disapproval of Commander Newell.

Terminate Log.

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