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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Entry Twelve: Intrigues

The stars above will not weep for us parting, the air we breathe won't notice our disappearance. - The Scriptures, Kuria 4:23

Activate Log

The Gallente have started a propaganda campaign against the Amarr. Yesterday they invaded Amarrian space, jettisoning cans with horrible slogans, leaving behind a trail of quafe, vitoc, and even exotic dancers.

Omnicide and Zenton were able to take these heretics down rather quickly.

Zenton, Soras Ves, and I retaliated, filling our cargo with Pax Amarras. We flew out into the heart of Gallente space, all the way to Dodixie, jettisoning our Pax Amarras, warning them of God's wrath.

Returning to Amarr space, I spent a few hours at Paradise. I caught up with Zenton and Omnicide, had a drink with them then spent some time with Garst. Somewhere along the way Zenton slipped out of the club without even saying goodbye. I'm a little bit annoyed by that though I don't know if I should be. I'm not really good with relationships. I don't know what the rules are, if there are any. We haven't really talked about it.

Some time later Pezzle came in and invited Garst and I over to a booth. We chatted with him for a while, then I spoke with Aldrith on my way out. He apologized for that night, as did I. So, we are good.

I saw Leopold as well, though I'm unsure if he remembered me or not. Commander Laerise was coming in on my way out, I think she got stuck with Pezzle.

The other night over the Praetorian comms, Aefee and Mitara got into some kind of arguement over a man named Kazzi. Apparently he used to be a Praetorian and was really close to Aefee, either as a mentor or a lover, I don't really know. Maybe both. Anyhow, he ended up leaving PIE for whatever reason and is a pirate or merc now. Whatever he is, it ain't good. Aefee completely lost it, defending him passionately to the point disregarding direct orders from a superior. I've never heard someone be so disrespectful. I've pushed the limit from time to time but theres a certain line you just don't cross. Aefee summersaulted across that line and never looked back. Garst got into the discussion, as did I and a new ensign, Yobbleh. Naturally we got told to shut the frack up.

Since then, I've rarely seen Aefee around, which is suprising. Not that I have flown with her but I know others who have. With her penchant for bad boys, I wonder if she has found her way to Koronakesh. He did tell me the other night she had went to the Skyhook to dance with him and that they had a good time.

Anyhow, last night just as I came on duty, this Kazzi fellow shows up at the Praetorian's public hall, pulling a gun on some random capsuleer, demanding isk and a shuttle.

He seemed out of it, strung out. Really, what was he thinking anyhow? Who is going to fork over isk for the life of a capsuleer. Worse case scenario, the capsuleer wakes up in a new body. That was the general opinion of everyone else present. No one paid the ransom and Kazzi disappeared.

Strange how Aefee seems to be connected to two notorious ex-Praetorians. I wonder if that is by happenstance or if she is possibly involved in some kind of sabotage. Can't hurt to ask around discreetly...

Terminate Log.

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